FAIR GO 2019



That's right, this years we celebrate 20 years of Fair Go. How incredible is that? From it's humble beginings in the Ballina Fair car park to one of the premier regional skateboard events in Australia. Set on the banks of the glorious Richmond River at the Ballina Skatepark it promises to be an incredible skateboarding fest for all as we turn 20 years old! 
This will be our fifth year running this historical skateboarding event, one of the longest running in the country and last year we had more competitors than any other skateboarding event Australia wide. The past four years have been nothing short of amazing and this year promises to be something special as we celebrate this special milestone. 
We will be holding a two day event this year and are encouraging everyone to come down early, and stay late. We don't have all the details yet but will be organising something special to commemorate the 20 year history of Fair Go. Details to be announced as they become solid. Hoping to make it a memorable event for anyone who's skated it in the past and everyone that's skating in it now. 
We're actively seeking any type or sponsorship/support/vendors/volunteers/ or anyone that wants to lend a hand. It's impossible for us to do this without you. Feel free to contact us and GET INVOLVED. We're down if you are.
See you there!

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Fair Go 2017 - Presented by Truckstop Sk8 from Truckstop Sk8 on Vimeo.






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