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Wheels - Spitfire

Spitfire Wheels Australia

Are you looking for a set of Spitfire wheels in Australia? Spitfire has been making skateboard wheels for almost as long as skateboarding has existed and is among the undisputed leaders in the industry, producing a wide range of wheels for different applications and surfaces.

Whether a professional skateboarder or an enthusiastic hobbyist, you can’t go wrong with a set of Spitfire skateboard wheels. We stock an extensive range of Spitfire wheels in varying widths and hardness levels depending on your application and riding conditions. Whether you prefer one of their classic ranges or the more modern Formula Fours, we have it all.

  • 99 Duro: Spitfire’s 99 Duro wheels come in different widths and are designed for a higher rebound, offering a smoother ride and increased speed and control on all surfaces. They offer excellent flat-spot resistance and increased grip.
  • 101 Duro: For riders who prefer a harder, faster wheel, the 101 Duro range is ideal. Despite its harder composition and consequent higher speed, it is designed to resist flat spots and still offers excellent control on all surfaces.

Are you looking for a new set of wheels for your skateboard? We are a prominent supplier of Spitfire Wheels in Australia.

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