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Tech Decks

Tech Decks are mini skateboards for your fingers. This trend has grown in popularity as many practise their skating tricks on their tech decks before they hit the half-pipe. All our tech decks feature graphics from the biggest skate companies such as Blind, Baker, Finesse, Santa Cruz, and others. Collect them all, trade with your friends, and battle each other on Tech Decks duels and challenges.

Get your Tech Deck boards from TRUCKSTOP SKATESHOP to start collecting and grinding your new finger skateboards.

What You Can Do With Tech Decks

You can do various fun activities with finger skateboards, and now you can obtain your tech decks online. Below are some of the ways you can shred with your tech deck.

  • Duel: With the Tech Deck Vs. Pack, you get two fully assembled skateboards, one road obstacle, and four challenge cards. You and your friend can compete in these challenges using your unique designer finger skateboards and the obstacle you’ve received.
  • Freestyle: With the Tech Deck Street Hits Pack, you can collect Tech Deck skateboards and all sorts of street obstacles such as railings, ramps, and barrels. Learn to grind your finger skateboard like a pro around your very own mini skate park.
  • Collect and trade: When you purchase our assorted 96mm, single boards, you will get a luck-of-the-draw designer Tech Deck from famous skate lines, such as Blind, Santa Cruz, Tony Machine, Sk8mafia, and more. Collect your favourite brands and trade with your friends to complete your collections. You can compare it with Tech Deck’s online interactive collector tool.


With all sorts of skating equipment and apparel, we supply our customers with all their skateboard needs. We are all skaters at TRUCKSTOP SKATESHOP, so we know the industry enough to stock only the best supplies. No matter where you are in Australia, we can ship your favourite product to you at your earliest convenience.

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