187 Killer Pads - Fly Knee Pad



187 Killer Fly Knee Pads

– 2011 187 Fly Skate Knee Pads
– Same Quality Materials and Craftmanship as the 187 Pro Knee       Pad
– Designed for Excellent Flexibility and Comfort
– Constructed of Ultra High Strength Ballistic Nylon
– Durable Double Stitching
– Deep Set Cap Gromits
– Super Thick Caps
– Non Open Back System

The 187 Fly Knee pads are built with every skater in mind. They are budget friendly but also offer excellent protection and are very comfortable to wear. The Fly Knee pads have a neoprene sleeve design that keeps the pads from shifting around on your knees. The Hard cap knee is just big enough to protect but doesn't inhibit performance and comfort. They are a great option to pair with the 187 Fly Elbow pad and 187 wrist guard. The 187 Fly Series though cheaper than the 187 Pros are still a huge value and you certainly do not have to worry about lack of protection.

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