Powell Peralta - Tail Bones White


Powell Peralta
"TailBone" WHITE, Screw on Old Skool Re-issue

Brand new skateboard Tailbone made by Powell Peralta Skateboards.

At last Powell have have listened to public demand and re-issued their superb tail savers- only taken them 20 years to get round to it!
Ever since Powell, Santa Cruz & Vision started re-issuing their iconic 80s decks there has been a growing demand for the original Powell tail savers as they were the only ones to have back in the day.   They were low profile, ultra hard wearing & shaterproof - the best of the competition weren't!

This re-issue is shaped just like the originals and made of the same ultra tough material plus the hole spacings exactly match the 80s ones. 

The size and shape is just about perfect for almost all 70s/80s re-issues in the 9.75" to 10.5" width range.

Dimensions (approx.) 
8.0" Length (203mm)
1 5/8" Width (43mm)
3/8" Height (10mm)
Bevelled Rear edge
Distance between holes 3" (75mm)

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