Z Flex - Jay Adams Pop Olive 29'' Cruiser


This Z-Flex P.O.P. cruiser can’t wait to rip around the city with its iconic styling and quality components!

The P.O.P. is retro-inspired little board that’s fast and smooth, proudly rocking Jay Adams name on it. With a combination of big 63mm wheels and 15.75″ wheelbase you can by all means bomb hills with confidence. Add some fast Z-Speed bearings coupled with risers for more clearance, and you got an ultimate road rider that can drop into a bowl at any point!


  • L: 29.5″ W: 7.5″ WB: 15.75″
  • Pacific Ocean Park Jay Adams model
  • 7-ply maple deck, 63mm wheels
  • Z-Speed bearings, Z-Flex trucks
  • Double stacked 0.25″ riser pads

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