Welcome - Fetish DVD 2017


Welcome Skateboards first full-length! Featuring Aaron Goure, Daniel Vargas, Jason Salillas, Jordan Sanchez, Nora Vasconcellos, Rick Fabro, Roman Pabich, Ryan Lay, Ryan Townley, and Will Blaty.

I remember the day Jason from Welcome came up to me while we were skating and said I have a name for my new company and I said what and he said "Welcome". Well that was a few years ago now and his company has been Welcomed by thousands of skateboarders around the world, introduced the world to his gift as an artist and deck shaper. and has had a major impact on the skateboarding industry. Thank You.

What can I say about Daniel Vargas who has ridden for Socal for years other than what an amazing skateboarder he was when I first met him and continues to be, what an awesome human being he is, what a great family he comes from, and what a great extended family he has found at Welcome Skateboards and the skateboard community - Future Legend - keep being you!!

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