Tech Deck - V5 Series Assorted Decks + Mini Obstacle + 4 Cards



Tech Deck VS Pack features two assembled fingerboards, a street feature and Challenge Cards. Get kids ready to practice, perform and battle with friends. The Tech Deck VS Pack is a perfect starter pack to an exciting finger boarding battle. It comes with two fully assembled fingerboards that feature authentic details from real skate companies. Then there’s a street feature where kids can practice different tricks. They can slide a ledge, pop an ollie, grind a rail and do a cool flip trick!

The Tech Deck VS Pack features Challenge Cards that little skaters can collect and use to battle friends. They can draw a card, and whoever can perform and complete the trick on their turn wins.


    • Each Tech Deck VS Pack comes with:
      • 2 x assembled Tech Deck fingerboards
      • 1 x obstacle
      • 4 x Challenge Cards
    • Collect the Challenge Cards and use them to battle other skaters
    • Everything kids need to practice stunts are inside the box
    • Tech Deck is known for producing fingerboards that feature authentic graphics from real skate companies.
    • Check out our collection of Tech Deck Skateboards and Ramp Sets for skate lovers.
    • Overall Dimensions: 30.5 × 14 × 3.8 cms
    • Suitable for kids ages 6+ years and up

Prepare kids for a sick fingerboard competition with this Tech Deck VS Pack.

Please note that the price is for a single pack. Items are chosen randomly. Styles may differ from the images shown.

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