Surfskate - Zak Noyle Teahupo Swivel V-Truck Complete

$199.99 $374.99

Zak Noyle is one of the most-widely recognized surf photographers in the world. Zak, who is the senior staff photographer for SURFER magazine, has spent his entire life in the water. From his home in Hawaii, Zak goes out into the ocean every day, and with his skill and an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, captures vibrant, awe-inspiring surf and wave photographs.

The Zak Noyle Series is a very versatile board. Its wide deck makes it good for deep carves, but it is also short in length making it very maneuverable, and good for parks. Its also beautiful enough to hang on your wall when your not riding it .

– SurfSkate V-Truck System
– Wheelbase: 19 Inches
– Deck Length: 32.5
– 65mm 78a Wheels
– Abec 5s

This SurfSkate Skateboards Zak Noyle Teahupo Complete Cruiser Skateboard is factory fresh and ready to skate.

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