Protec - Street Protective Gear Junior 3 Pack Checkers Black/White

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The Pro-Tec Street Gear Junior 3 Pack Checker are quality Skateboard Pads for the younger grommets learning and shredding on skateparks or the streets. This Junior Skate Pad Set  includes Slip-on Knee pads, Slip-on Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards with the best price in the market (Aussie Local Price). These pads have a custom fit available in 2 sizes for our up and coming pro-skaters.


  •  Locked in EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate),
    a combination of thick and thin padding with an ergonomic design that “locks in”
    Your knees for optimal fit and maximum protection.
  • ultra-tough ballistic nylon that resists tears and protects your knees from skids and scrapes
  • a curved cap that allows better fit and protection.
  • Perforated Neoprene,
    Allows for better ventilation keeping you cool and dry.

For Sizing measure 3" up from the centre of the knee (Top Knee Circumference) as a reference:

  • Small (youth) – Age range 3yo – 6yo           Top of Knee circumference upto 11″ (28cm)
  • Medium (youth) – Age range 6yo – 14yo     Top of Knee circumference 11″-13″ (28-33cm)



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