NANA SKATEBOARDS - Bludgers Wheels 69mm


Lavender Rinse
Dehydrated Yellow
Lime Cooler
True Blue
Flamin' Gallah


The Nana Bludgers 69mm 82a Skateboard Wheels are the perfect cruiser wheel for a bit of all terrain skating. the 82a duro gives this wheel maximum speed and soft enough to roll over all in its path. 62mm in size makes this an easy to throw around wheel, throw in some slides and early grab off some gutters as you make your way to the local. Nice and grippy as you carve along the beach but with the stone ground finish you will have no problem get a little side ways.


Diameter: 69mm
Durometer: 82a
Width: 45mm
Contact Patch: 37mm
Lip Profile: Round
Core Placement: Offset
Wheel Surface: Stoneground

Set of 4

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