Exite - Pro-540 Knee Pads Protection

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Exite - Pro-540 Knee Pads Protection

The Exite Pro-540 has been developed by Australia’s Silent Skaters from the original modular knee pad The Pro-Max V1.

The EXITE PRO-540 is a unique knee-pad for skateboarding and other aggressive sports where knee protection is needed, you can customize this knee-pad to suit your fit. It is strapped onto the knee from the front (no need to remove your skate shoes) and offers full wrap-around protection and comfort. It is modular- meaning you can pull this pad apart. Yes, it becomes your custom pad, you can wear-it for riding Park, Mini, Vert and Mega ramp.

With the Pro-Series you can maximize or minimize the protection to suit your skating. The Pro-540 is 100% modular to service and repair if needed.  Removable foam, replaceable elastic top strap, replaceable caps and the “Skin-of-the-pad” is serviceable and repairable. So, when its time to wash your knee pads and remove the smell of trapped sweat and dead skin cells that build up in other brands of Pro pads you can with our Pro-Series products.

The Pro-540 cap system is mounted using velcro and spare caps are available.

Available sizes now are XS and Small. In May we will release the Medium and Large.

For a guide on sizing.

Measure up 10cm from the centre of your knee cap then measure the circumference of your leg.

Our XS Pro-540 ramp knee pad . The sizing guide for the XS  is between 27cm-32cm.

Our Small Pro-540 ramp Knee pad. The sizing guide for the small is between 32cm-38cm.

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