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Exite KILLER Pads - 2 Pack Protection

Exite KILLER Pads - 2 Pack Protection


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The Killers – 2 pack protection

Exite Aussie Killer Pack (Adult 2 in 1 pack)


Exite Aussie Killers 2 pack is made up of knee and elbow pads only. They are a semi-pro pads designed for concrete street and ramp riding. It is the classic all round protection 2 pack. The Knee gives full front and side impact protection, light weight and is also easy wearing. The knee pads have a protective sock that cups the knee and is adjusted by velcro and elastic webbing. The elbow pads are fitted over your hand and adjusted for comfort around your elbows with elastic webbing and velcro. The elbow pads allow full movement without restrictive material in the inner elbow area to get in the way. The plastic caps of all Exite products use materials that prevent knee-cap roll and moulded for a better fit. The Aussie Killers range comes in three sizes for our bigger skaters -adult small, adult medium and adult large.See size chart within the Aussie Killers range.


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