Chocolate Skateboards - Sapo One-Off 8.0" Deck


The Sapo One-Off 8" is a Vincent Alvarez pro model deck from Chocolate Skateboards. A classic design - traditionally pressed on North American Maple using high-quality epoxy resin. This deck features the G008 shape, which includes a rounded nose & tail, OG concave, and mellow kicks. A great shape for those that need a snappy pop and a stable balance point when locking into manuals. Chocolate skateboards are made at the highly acclaimed PS Stix wood workshop in Mexico and are produced with the most up-to-date advancements in manufacturing processes.


  • North American Maple
  • G008 Shape
  • Mellow Kicks
  • OG Concave
  • Made in Mexico by P.S. Stix

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