Bones Wheels - 100's Desert West OG Formula 100A V5 55mm


Bones 100's Sidecuts 55mm wheels are made with the OG 100a Formula in park ready 55mm Sidecuts shape. Get max control on the coping and quicker lockins on grinds with these OG Formula Wheels.

Urethane - OG 100a  (OG Formula) BONES WHEELS 100's are middle 100A OG Formula wheels that ride easy and faster on a greater range of terrain, without loosing the unique grip, slide-ability and characteristic bark of our original BONES STF. OG 100's will improve your skating and save your wallet. For more info read Bones Wheel Formulas Explained

Shape - Sidecut - (aka Conical, aka V5) Are a squarer lipped all round wheel with a relative full contact patch on a wider shape that lends well to grinding on coping. The concave face creates less side drag and both protects the graphic and reduces weight for faster longer grinds letting you lock in quick. The Sidecut Shape has a greater surface area giving it a high resistance to flatspots but gives you the versatility to skate everything from ledges to rails and especially bowls and vert ramps. For more info read Bones Wheel Shapes Explained

Wheel Size - The 55mm size will give you consistent speed for faster street skating while also maintaining a solid roll on the flat and better momentum on bigger transition and ramps. 55mm is big but not huge and will cover all bases of skating.

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