Exite - Pro Max Knee Pads Protection

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Exite - Pro Max Knee Pads Protection

The Exite Pro-Max is the original modular knee pad that the user can customize to suit themselves.

The EXITE PRO-MAX is a unique knee-pad for skateboarding, you can customize this knee-pad to suit your fit. It is strapped onto the knee from the front (no need to remove your skate shoes) and offers full wrap-around protection and comfort. It is modular- meaning you can pull this pad apart. Yes, it becomes your custom pad, you can wear-it for riding street, mini and vert ramp.

With the Pro-Max you can maximize or minimize the protection to suit your skating. The Pro-Max is made up of two layers of foam – the first layer of the knee pad foam is called the Donut Insert. The Donut insert has a hole punched-out through the centre of the foam and helps locate the Main Foam into the knee pad .The Donut and Main Foam can be replaced with new foam for a pad upgrade or for more protection or size control. The more foam added the smaller the pad becomes.

The Pro-Max has two cap sizes (Medium and Large) The caps are bolted on by our threaded stainless eyelet insert that mounts into the pad through the eyelet and kevlar/leather. The bolt is glued-in with a semi-permanent lok-tite so the bolts can be removed when a cap upgrade is required. The cap is also held into position by velcro under the bolt system.

The Main Foam in each pad size is also customised to suit each size  (Medium and Large Foam) and designed for a Left or a Right Knee.

Medium (M / L) and Large (L / XL) .

……. so look-out! Get Protected from Australia’s Silent Creatures by Australia’s Silent Skaters.

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