Vision - John Grigley Reissue Old Ghosts Guardian (White Dip Blue Green Graphic)

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 "Old Ghosts - Guardian"

John A Grigley Pro model

10.125" x 30.0"
16.25" Wheelbase


  • WHITE Dipped Finish

Brand New in Shrink
Made in USA


Brand new Vision re-issue board from back in the mid 1980s.

Made to the exact specifications of the original design and it's still being made by the same company that made them in the 1980s!  How can you go wrong?
Plus Vision reissues are a chunk cheaper than many other reissues that are now made in China! 

Get one for the wall or for a retro ride just like 30 years back.


All pretty much as the original; same shape, concave, size, tail, etc. but now drilled for modern trucks so if you want to fit original 80s ones you'll have to drill a couple of extra holes.  This isn't a problem as any extra holes would be hidden under griptape and under the baseplates...until you take a board apart you'd never know.

Set Up Advice:
Trucks : Indy 169s, Tracker Dart 6-Tracks, Gullwing Pro III or Sushi 8.875" for a cheaper option.
Wheels:  Powell / Santa Cruz do lots of re-issues; Rat Bones, Mini Cubics, Slimeballs, OJ "Hosoi Sky Rockets" etc.
Transport Wheels : Kryptonics "Star Trac" in 60mm - super fast, smooth and have loads of grip. (you could get away with 149 sized trucks if using these wheels)



100% American Hard Rock Maple
10.125" x 30.0"
3.5" nose
6.25" tail
Profile : Single Kick (flat nose)
Concave : Mellow
16.25" WB (measured from inside to inside holes)
Drilled for new hole truck bases

Width over front truck holes : 9.125"
Width over rear truck holes : 9.25"


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