Madness Skateboards - Disaster Holographic R7 8.75" Deck


The Disaster Holographic R7 8.75" from Madness Skateboards is printed with a negative twist on one of the most famous fine art paintings of all time. Comes with foil holographic high lights. A wider shaped board, perfect for transition parks, pools, bowls and hitting the big vert ramps. Hit warp speed lines in the bowl with the stability and control that a bigger board has to offer. The Disaster comes with wheel wells so you can run bigger urethane. This deck has a full nose with an even round tail. R7 decks are made with Resin-7 epoxy resins to increase stiffness and durability, for an awesome shred sled that'll last the distance and POP like a beast. 


  • 100% Canadian Maple
  • Resin-7 construction
  • Wheel Wells
  • Medium Concave
  • Foil highlights
  • Deck Width: 8.75"
  • Deck Construction: Resin 7
  • Deck Shape: Shaped

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