Bones Wheels - STF Hoffart Addicted V2 53mm Wheels 103A



Bones Wheels - STF Hoffart Addicted V2 53mm Wheels 103A

Bones STF Pro V2 Skateboard Wheels have substantially higher rebound than most wheels giving you more speed and just the right amount of consistant and predictable slide while maintaining a resistance to flat spotting well beyond any standard wheel.

The V2 shape perfect for Ledges and Rails. Durable, Stable and Lightweight. Better lock into grinds. Oh yar hey!

The bearing core is center-set so you can reverse the wheel to save the graphic or to maintain a longer life by rotating your wheel placement over the life of the wheel. This is handy when you slide your wheel often particularly in urban terrain that can wear your wheels in an uneven way 

The 53mm size will give you a lot more speed for faster street skating while also maintaining a solid roll on the flat and better momentum on small transition and ramps. 53mm is really the swiss army knife of street wheel sizes, small enough for quick flips and big enough to get you out there fast

Street Tech Formula (STF) is specifically engineered from top quality components to obtain all the best properties necessary for the ultimate in street wheel performance. The technology behind STF is proven by the pro riders that skate STF everyday. The results speak for themselves.

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