Bones Wheels - Black Widow 99A Easy Street Formula V1 STF 54mm


Bones STF Standard 54mm Black Widow wheels are made with  the new Easy thane 99a Formula substantially higher rebound urethane that is super flat spot resistant for more speed and awesome slide characteristics.

Urethane - STF 99a  (Easy Streets Formula) BONES WHEELS Easy Streets are softer 99A Street Tech Formula wheels that ride smoother and faster on a greater range of terrain, without loosing the unique grip, slide-ability and characteristic bark of our original BONES 103A / 83B STF. Easy Streets will improve your skating if you are not always riding super smooth concrete. They make it more fun to skate a wider range of terrains by cushioning your landings, gripping, sliding, and rolling easier on rough pavement…without flat spotting. For more info read Bones Wheel Formulas Explained

Shape - Standard - (aka V1) Ideal for classic Street Skating to get you flipping, grinding and popping. The thinner contact patch and tighter radius gives you a more predictable flipping wheel so you can dial in your tech lines and rattle of endless tre flips. For more info read Bones Wheel Shapes Explained

Wheel Size -  The 54mm size is a great all round street and park size to hold more speed in the flats and better momentum in small transition, while offering a quick and predictable pop, with a more stable lock in to you grinds. A great size for average to full sized humans to flip and grind all the street and park features. 

Bearing core -  Center-Set so you can reverse the wheel to save the graphic and help get longer life out of your wheels as you can rotated them so they burn down evenly. 

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